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6th-Jul-2009 02:10 pm - welcome!
OP - Chopper Kyuun Spark

w e l c o m e ;;

:D Hello & welcome! Please make sure to read my terms and conditions before you commit to buy!

★ t e r m s ;;

a b o u t m e : I'm a college student just trying to get rid of some stuff in my room before I move off to university ^^; I live in California's San Francisco Bay Area in a smoke-free home. I do have a dog that sheds twice a year, but he stays outside when he's full on shedding and never comes upstairs where my room and all the items are, but if you're super sensitive, please be aware of this fact! Also, I always try to keep my things in as perfect condition as I can. I won't sell something that's falling apart at the seams!

p r i c e s : I might take reasonable offers :] All prices in USD. As far as trades - I normally don't accept trades for DOLL things, but if you have something I absolutely must have (please check my wishlist, I may just accept the offer)! Also willing to swap for Kawaii ^__^v Just let me know! POSITIVE feedback is NECESSARY!

p a y m e n t : I prefer non-CC paypal but any paypal is fine with me :3 PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you're paying with CC-paypal before making payment! I also take personal check, or cash (at your own risk). If paying with cash & you need to send coins, TAPE them down to a piece of paper/cardboard so they don't move around when you mail them :) I don't need you to round up to the next dollar just because you're paying with cash :P

s h i p p i n g : Prices do not include shipping unless stated. I'm located in California, USA. I can give you a rate right away for shipping to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Shipping listed in the entries will be TO THE USA ONLY. All others, please ask! If I overcharge you by $1.50, then I will refund you the difference. Before claiming I've overcharged, please be aware that sellers are allowed to charge for "handling" costs - we do have to buy the envelopes, tape (omg, it's expensive), and other supplies to get these items out to you!

Also, I ask that my buyers understand that I have a handling time of 3 days. This means if you pay for a doll on Tuesday, your doll will be shipped as soon as possible, the latest being on Friday.

h o l d s : I prefer to hold up to 24 hours from the moment I give you my paypal address at most. If you don't let me know ahead of time that you won't be able to pay in 24 hours, when the time is up, your item will go off hold and be up for sale again. Of course, when you pay by check or cash, I'll give you up to 10 days for said payment to reach my house before putting your item back up for sale.

f e e d b a c k : Because this is a new community, I have almost no feedback here, but I have a feedback entry in my own personal journal right here for reference!

n o t e s : I will decide who gets what based on the timestamp of your posts! Also, feel free to ask me if you need more pictures of certain items/different angles, etc. If you are uncomfortable commenting on my entries, feel free to email me at p.jungah (at) gmail.com!

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason!!
6th-Jul-2009 09:02 pm - order status!
Maplestory - rangikusan & xRyoko
Please check here if you've recently placed an order with me! I will update right away when your order status changes! If you have any issues with my shipping time (or if the package never showed up), please check here before messaging me, as you'll see that I always upload a picture/scan of my P.O. receipts!!

★ o r d e r s t a t u s ;;

Status KeyCollapse )

6th-Jul-2009 09:00 pm - feedback!
Maplestory - rangikusan & xRyoko
If I have bought something from you/sold something to you please leave feedback here!

I go by dedelaw on eBay.
My real name is Amanda Lawrendra.

Positive:367 || Negative:0 || Neutral:0

On yuhime_sales
Positive: 10 || Negative: 0 || Neutral: 0

I also have feedback here:
- my personal journal (+13)
- at Den of Angels (+17)
- dedelaw on eBay. (+168)
- on Etsy - 55 5-star reviews (etsy has switched to reviews)
- at ShopaDollic (+9)
- at Dolly Market (+103)

Please use this form:

Thank you!
6th-Jul-2009 05:44 pm - wishlist
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Maron Pray
In the event that I'm up for trading ..



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